Macro Export destination

Is there a way to state where I want the files stored?

When Batch processing, the exported files are placed in a “macro-output” folder in the same directory as the selected files. There are no other options for normal Macros.
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Off-topic question:

I have preferences set up to notify me by email if someone responds to a topic, but I’ve never received a notification. Any suggestions?

Click on the “spanner” icon at the bottom of a page, then click on “Subscribe to topic” to toggle that option. (for some mysterious reason, “not ticked” means that you are subscribed to the topic and will be notified of replies).

Thanks. I had assumed I was automatically subscripted to topics I created, especially seeing the check next to subscribed.

Yes, that’s a bit weird. I don’t know why it’s done like that, but we don’t make the forum software, and there does not appear to be any practical way to change that.

I am still not receiving notifications. Any other settings?

You could check in:
User control panel (click on your name near top right corner of page) > Overview > Manage Subscriptions

Working now!