Macro commands

Is there a list of what the macro commands do? For example, macro_normalize. Just an example, would like to be able to understand each of the commands.


I’ve been to both of those pages, they show some but not most. Example: macro_normalize.

This help at all?

I think there may be a generic “Create Macro Command” instruction and that’s why there is no itemized list of every one. For example, about the fifth or sixth trip through documented commands, you get the idea enough to write your own. I am assured that Audacity just ignored commands it doesn’t understand. I think it also defaults to ones you leave out.

So you could manually apply an effect or correction, write a one or two line macro and see if it does the same thing.

For example, this is for Limiter, the final of three steps for audiobook mastering. That sentence is a shortcut instead of writing out the whole thing every time. It’s the effect options panel top to bottom.

Effect > Limiter: Soft Limit, 0, 0, -3.5dB, 10, No > OK.

I suspect it wouldn’t be that hard to turn that into Macro code.

Now I’m thinking about this. Somebody did…

Limiter:gain-L=“0” gain-R=“0” hold=“10” makeup=“No” thresh=“-3.5” type=“SoftLimit”

That actually runs and correctly.

We should wait for actual programmers.


Any commands that have the description “Macro_…” are Macros themselves. The only Macros currently shipped with Audacity are:

  • Fade Ends (Macro_FadeEnds)
  • MP3 Conversion (Macro_MP3Conversion)

Any other “Macro_” command will be a Macro that you have created.

Okay, after reading the post from Koz I guess my terminology was wrong. What I was calling “macros” are really “commands” used in “steps” of a “macro”. Is there anything that describes what the different “commands” are? Some are easy to understand, some not so.

Let me try an example again.

There is a command called Normalize, when added it has parameters that can be edited, such as Peak Amplitude.

There is another command called Normalize (Macro_Normalize) that has no parameters.

How do I find out what the second command does?

Many of the commands you will recognise from the names of Audacity’s effects. There’s a list of all the standard shipped effects here:

The Macro commands are basically the same as the “Scripting” commands (used when scripting with Python). A list of these is available here:

As described in my previous post, “Normalize (Macro_Normalize)” is a Macro that you have created. It will be listed in the left column of the “Macro Manager” as “Normalize”.

No, I did not create it, it appears in the right side where the other commands are listed.

Please post a screenshot.

Will do, soon as the current task finishes - 817 so far!