Macro command help

I am using Win7pro/SP1 and Audacity 2.3.0.
Have to apologize for hastily posting in the discussion area, before realizing there was more immediate assistance method.

I would like to see an addition: access to the menu command ‘Export multiple

I am currently trying to work around this missing command by driving the UI from an AutoIt3 app, and have this problem:
When I get through the dialog that is the macro I wish to execute, the dialog does not close after I apply to project (e.g. Alt O,M,P). There is an OK button there, but it’s not accessible by hot/keystroke.

Is there a way to export slices that I’m missing? :confused:

I’ve replied to the “feature request” aspect of your other post here:
Let’s keep that topic to discussion of the feature request aspect, and deal with the practical issue of getting your script to work in this topic.

I’m on Linux rather than Windows, but perhaps it’s the same: “Alt+o” (letter “o” for “Ok”)

Often the case in Windows too, but not for that dialog…

Which dialog are you trying to close?

In the “Export Multiple” dialog, focus is initially on the “Folder” text box.
“Tab” 11 times to move focus to the “Export” button, then “Enter”.

In the “Success” screen that shows on completion, just “Enter” works for me.

Or “Shift + Tab” once, then “Enter” works for me.

I was using the ‘Apply Macro’ tree. Using plain ‘Macros…’ will get around that dialog problem; cursor to desired and return.


Yes, I can operate the dialogs. Not nice versus one line in the macro :unamused: .

Thanks for your replies.