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Unable to save a new recording AUP file. Receiving the Warning BOX 'Save Project is for an Audacity project, not an audio file. For an audio file that will open in other app, use Export. Export seems to work but I want the AUP file. Audacity 3.3.3 - Mac 14.0 Sonoma

Audacity 3.3.3 will open and play older projects (AUP file and _data folders) and the newer AUP3 files. But will only make the newer AUP3 files.

You might be able to download and install Audacity 2.4.2.

I believe that will make the older format Projects.

It gets our attention when somebody calls services and files by the wrong names.

Why do you need an AUP file? You know that’s not a show, right? The AUP is a list of instructions of what to do with all those little sound files in the _data folder. The AUP file by itself is silent.


Sorry, Not sure I follow and I must be missing something? When I record off my turntable, Ive been saving each side as a Project which is an aup3 file. I then use this file to create mp3 files for each track. Which is failing in version 3.3.3. I can open older files but that’s not a need. Are you saying with 3.3.3 this isn’t possible anymore. Thanks for your response.

This is just a warning, not an error. Just click OK, and you will be prompted to save the project as an .AUP3 file.

Well now thanks for that! That worked.

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