MacOS: Copy-Paste of text not possible in save-as dialog

  1. create an audio project
  2. click on file->export audio
  3. in the save dialog, open the file browser by clicking on “browse…”
  4. now try to copy and paste a piece of text in the file name field
  5. what happens is that I hear the system “standard error” sound as something seems to be blocked/disabled
  6. what should happen: ctrl-v just pastes your text into the field

A workaround is to use right-click and then “paste” - but that can’t be a standard solution as it circumvents the “regular” user pattern.

You really need to log bugs on Muse’s GitHub issues log:

You need a GitHub account for that, but those are free.

Is this a regression - i.e. did it work in previous versions of Audacity?


Yes, I have been using Audacity for years and I think these issues started with the last 2 releases.

Thanks! When I find the time, I will repost my bug reports on Github

BTW this appears to be Mac only

It works fine on Windows 10 testing with 3/4/1 and the latest Beta test build I have for 3.4.2


which is the reason why I always put “MacOS:” in the title if it’s about a platform-dependent issue :slight_smile:

I submitted the error to the Github board now. Thanks for pointing it out!

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