MacOS Big Sur, Retina, early 2016

Hi there

I downloaded audacity 3.02 for my MacBook retina. I have Pioneer DDJ SB decks and want to record my mixes. However, I only seem to be able to record my mix via the mic on my MacBook. As you can imagine, the quality is pretty bad and the mic picks up all noises!

Any suggestions or solutions would be welcome. Quite a novice to all this!

You need an audio interface - somethinh like the Behringer UCA-202


Thanks for that suggestion WC.

I’ve taken a look - would I be right in saying that this audio interface would allow you to record on audacity via the Stereo Headphone output, rather than via the mic / speaker on the laptop? Just want to make sure I understand this correctly before purchasing. Thanks!

The UCA-202 would take its input through RCA sockets and output to you computer via USB.

Just be aware that the UCA-202 has bo gain control - so you may need control of the signal level prior to it reaching the UCA-202


Ok thank you! Going to order one and see how it works out. Fingers crossed :smiley: