Macos 10.13.6 - Audacity 2.2.2 - Waves plug-ins V8r3

Hi Guys,

First post in the forum

I need help with this, hope you can give me a hand.

I have macos 10.13.6 - Audacity 2.2.2 - Waves plug-ins V8r3

Open file, apply almost any plug-in and crash, and crash and crash…

The Waves plug-ins package installed around 700 hundreds plug-ins, way more than what I used in my entire life… Maybe that have overwhelming Audacity?

Maybe my Mackbook pro from 2011 is giving its best and that all?

Have no clue…

Many thanks in advance

Waves publish a list of supported host programs: Supported Hosts | Support - Waves Audio
Note that Audacity is not in the list.

According to this announcement the next version of Audacity will support VST3, so it “may” be able to use at least some Waves plug-ins.