Machine gun noise before I record

Hi, it was working ok-then I cleaned my computer and the machine gun noise started. I have XP pro sp 3, Audacity 2.0.3 and from the .exe installer. The noise starts when I monitor the incoming signal and it won’t let me record. (the recorder won’t start to record) I have a turn table and Alesis phono link with usb plugged in. The settings on Audacity are: MME, Realtek HD audio out put, USB audio codec and 2 channel stereo input channel. I have reloaded Audacity several times, and the Lame mp3 software. Can you help get the noise out and the record feature on?

I cleaned my computer

You should probably throw some words at that. You mean you vacuumed the dust bunnies out and checked the battery? You reinstalled the OS? What does Clean Out mean to you?

Nothing springs to mind which is why you didn’t get an instant reply, so we have to take it step at a time.

The cleaning was to delete the things that collect in the Windows temp directory. They went to the recycle bin, but I put them back and have the the noise.

What error is given when you try to record and hear the noise?

Have you checked both ends of the USB cable are tight and rebooted the computer?


The USB connections are tight and the computer has been rebooted several times.

Make the phonolink the default recording device in Windows Sounds and Audio Devices then as an experiment, try recording with Windows Sound Recorder. Does that record without the noise?


The trouble went away when I unplugged the USB cable and reconnected it and I took out the USB Audio CODEC from Audacity, then put it back. The trouble is gone!
Thank you for your support!

Glad it was fixed.

For anyone else who reads this, also make sure you connect to a spare USB port, not to a USB hub that has other USB devices connected to it.