Mac Window Title Dropdown Navigation

Thank you for Audacity!

There’s a UI convention in most Mac apps that’s missing in Audacity.
Command-clicking the title bar of an app window reveals a dropdown of the path hierarchy to the file:

I often need to navigate to the folder I’ve just saved into, but it’s not possible to use this handy Mac OS shortcut in Audacity.
I’m hoping it finds its way into some future release.

Also, it’s a tall order, but it would be terrific to see a chained plugin inserts UI in some future version with real-time preview, VST or AU GUI support and parameter editing.
I wish I could help… my coding is limited to css, html and php… :slight_smile:

This is a known issue. It’s a problem in WxWidgets which is the GUI toolkit that allows Audacity to work cross-platform. wxTrac has been migrated to GitHub Issues - wxWidgets
One of the developers was able to partially work around the problem, so at least you have *Minimize, *Zoom an *Bring All to Front, but not yet the list of open windows.

You’ll be pleased to hear that Chains and scripting will be getting a lot of attention over the next few releases.

Thank you for the reply, Steve !