Mac OS10.4.11 sudden loud static when recording

After recording 14 albums without incident I am now getting continual issues with large amounts of noise overtop the recording. I can even start recording an album, have it get most of the way through and then have the noise start, go back to the beginning and no longer be able to record the section that just worked ok. There have been absolutely no changes to my hardware or software since the first albums were recorded without incident about 10 days ago.

Audacity slows down as the hard drive fills up. Can you off-load some of the music onto another drive to see if that helps? Audio takes a lot of room and drives fill up quickly.

You can also get damage if your USB cable is ratty. Make sure it’s plugged in firmly and you might unpug and plug it a couple of times to make sure. Also, try using a different USB socket.

Digital audio doesn’t much like going through a HUB. USB audio cables have to be home run to the computer.

That’s Tiger, right? how old is the machine?

Go > Utilities > Disk Utility > Select your system drive and make sure it has a lot of room left – at least 20% or so. Then Verify Disk and Repair Permissions.