Mac OS X high Sierra and latest version of audacity

Hey everyone!

First post on the forums, I have a mid 2012 15” MacBook Pro running high Sierra and the latest version of audacity. I’m trying to record a podcast with the behringer xenyx802 (non USB model). I have it set up so the sound goes into the computer then back out into the mixer, everything on that end works fine. The problem I’m having is audacity won’t split into multintracks so my voice and my partners voice is mixed into one track. Any way to fix this?

the sound goes into the computer

We assume you have a machine with a stereo analog input like this…

Turn the mixer PAN controls Left or Right and the mixer will split the stereo show into (for example) guests on Right and you on the Left. After the show arrives in Audacity, Use the track drop-down menu to Split Stereo To Mono. That will give you two mono tracks which will play to both speakers and you have the ability to re-assign, filter, correct or manage each side independently of the other. Audacity will push everything into one mixed show when you Export (or you can do it manually).

You only get two independent channels. There is no splitting into three or four independent guests with the equipment you have.

This is where your studio kills you. Unless you have a perfect, quiet, echo-free room, your guest voices are going to mix with yours and make it impossible to completely isolate everybody from each other. But it’s perfect if your voice is a lot louder than the guests (again, for example).


Hang onto that Mac with white knuckles. The newer Macs can’t do this trick.


Yes I have that port. Thank you for the replies I will give it a shot tonight and post an update! I’m definitely holding onto this Mac haha, the new ones are really rough :slight_smile: