Mac OS X 10.5.8 Build 9l31a PowerPC G5???!!!

What is it, with OS X 10.5.8 powerPC?

This seems unadaptable to so many things versus the OS X 10.5.8 intell which every time is the one I’d need instead; that I’m always feeling often really frustrated. Not being able to see much of what friends or others post in Facebook; since I can’t use the Adobe Flashplayer required, for instance.

Though a plethora of other issues. I’m just finding today I can’t download mp3 files from Amazon; after making multiple downlads from any variety of sources easily, for a long time now.

I just joined Audacity today; daunted at the manual without taking a rest to focus, so going to the forums have been making some posts of which this is the third. I’m a woodwind musician also a writer; so can feel very abused, repressed, suppressed & oppressed, trying not to get depressed constantly by such things.

You’re supposed to run right out and buy the latest thing, although the latest thing in this case is many years old.

We had to retire two very nice dual-processor G5 video production machines because the software and products the clients were demanding wouldn’t run on them. I think the latest 10.8 dropped Rosetta support, so even if you were on an Intel Mac and had your licenses, the older software will stop working. We had several of the graphic artists run into immediate troubles with that. We couldn’t “marry” their machines with the studio any more.

“Sorry about the video conferencing. Our corporate service will not run on Power PC and IT will not let us use Skype.”


Rosetta (for running PPC apps on Intel Machines) has not been available since OS X 10.7.