Mac Mini M2 w/ Sound Blaster Play! 3 Questions

Just upgraded from a mac mini 2010 to a Mac Mini M2 2023 with Sonoma 14.2.1. This meant I had to upgrade to Audacity 3.4.2.

And since the latest Mac Mini’s have no input jack for microphone/audio input anymore, I had to purchase a Sound Blaster Play 3 USB DAC Amp which had input and output jacks that could allow me to transfer turntable audio via the Mac Min to the Audacity audio recorder – or so i thought.

The audio is NOT being recorded by Audacity despite the device toolbar shows Sound Blaster Play! 3 selected as both the input and output device.

What am I missing here in the recording preferences? And yes I do know the level meters are currently MIA when Audacity is used in 14.2.1, so I cannot see if audio is coming in on the input meters BEFORE I try to record.

I’m Windows guy so I can’t really help, but it looks like the SoundBlaster only has mic-in and headphone-out. You need line-in for a line-level signal from a stereo receiver or phono preamp.

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