Mac HighSierra export command default location in applications folder

Hello, I have mod-script-pipe working on mac HighSierra 10.13. If I use the file to test the command:

Export2: Mode=Selection Filename=“sampleFile.mp3” NumChannels=2

It will render the sampleFile.mp3 starting at the ‘Applications’ directory. So the output filepath is ‘Applications/sampleFile.mp3’

My question is how can I change the output filepath to be elsewhere, like my /Users/martin/Documents folder?

On windows I can specify the full filepath from the start of the c drive for the filename, is there some way I can do that on mac OS to use the absolute path of the mp3 file in the export command? I want to do something like:

Export2: Mode=Selection Filename=“/Users/martin/Downloads/tempFolder/sampleFile.mp3” NumChannels=2

It causes an error saying FileNotFoundError ERRno 2 No Such file or directory

You need to enter the full path and file name to the Export2 command.
For example (this example is on Linux):


Note that the file path must be a complete file path, and the folder must exist.

Check that the folder “/Users/martin/Downloads/tempFolder/” exists before you export.

And use good filename hygiene with no punctuation marks other than -dash- and underscore.