Mac, Audacity and all that

I’m somewhere I shouldn’t be, possibly, and it’s expensive. Until weeks ago, MY ION USB turntable would record happliy into my 2008 Mac Pro via any input and I could adjust the speed to pitch it properly and get a reasonable transfer to CD. Then the Ion ceased to spin. I then bought an AT 120LPUSB, which I set up over this weekend and connected. It produced a signal detectable via the MacSystem Preferences feature into the Mac which Audacity 3 will not record and comes back only as machine noise at variable levels. So- naturally, I sought help from Apple. To be assured that the Apple help staff are now informed that OS 10.11.6 (aka El Capitan) and Audacity are now officially designated as incompatible - as far as I can tell, the end of a story going back nearly a decade. If anyone knows how to escape without losing a fair sum of money, I’d be grateful

I note DVDoug, and I hope he feels the betterfor knowing he got the effect he intended to. All the same Audacity itself says there may be a connection with Apple’s privacy protocol and siggests going to the Mac System Prefernces button, and clicking on the microphone in the Left Hand Menu. This may well have worked once upon a time, but just now you simply just don’t get anything resembling a microphone on which you can click. As DV Doug probably knows clicking on his suggested button darn nearly erases the entire Audacity Forum page itself, and doesn’t lead to anything about th particular Mac OS which seems to be part of the problem.

I’m a Windows guy…

You may have to use an older version of Audacity. System requirements and links to older versions are at the bottom of this page.

Or, doesn’t OS X come with audio software? Garage Band, or something?

And virtually all USB turntables are “class compliant” so they work with the drivers built-into Windows, OS X, and Linux so the hardware shouldn’t be a problem.

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