Mac 10.13.6 Unable to USB Device

I was going some volunteer work converting cassettes to digital for a local charity using this model converter ( Dansrue Cassette to MP3 Converter) without issue using Audacity, on this computer. I bought one of these to do some personal conversions and can not get my iMac (10.13.6 ) to see the USB. None of the drop downs for Audio Host, Recording Device, or Output Device have any other available options. I only have Core Audio, Built In Microphone, and Built in Output available.
I remember that I needed to change the recording device to something that started with a P and I believe Core audio to USB device. I’ve tried going into Audacity Preferences to make the changes, updating to the latest version of Audacity, and rebooting (several times) and replacing the USB cord.
What am I missing? any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Those cheap USB cassette devices are notorious for not working well (if at all) on Mac.

Go to Apple (menu) > System Preferences > Sound > Input. You might see the cassette as a “PnP USB Audio Device” or similar. The key is “PnP”. If you see it, select it then play a cassette. Does the input level meter bounce? Is the connection reliable?

If your Mac cannot see the device then neither will Audacity.

– Bill