M-Audio Fast track

I am running a Fast track Pro on Windows 7. I have Audacity ® 1.3.12-beta (Unicode) and am using the M-Audio driver My current setup has a Boss RC-20XL Loop Station running into the Fast Track into Audacity. Headphone sound from the rc-20 is mono, headphone sound from the Fast track in channel “B” is stereo and headphone sound from the Fast track in channel “A” is a mix of mono alternating randomly from both left and right headphones. The problem is that Audacity hears the gargled mess coming from channel
“A”. When i chose to just have the track recorded in mono it will only have one half of the gargled mess with intermediate silence filling the spaces between.

The audio track ends up looking like this when in stereo:

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Without being the authority, it sounds like you’re recording Mix-Out or What-U-Hear instead of the show. Mix-Out is the setting you need to record internet audio, but absolutely not the setting you need for local audio production.

Go into the Windows Control Panels and make sure you understand everything that’s selected. There is no wiki for deselecting Internet Audio, but it’s the opposite of this…