Lukas Graham effect?

Hey, listen to this song and around 2.45 theres a chorus effect, but its not a regular effect, it has a really special quality to it…?
Anyway listen to it and tell me if you know how its done.

It’s “double tracking” …

[ BTW The piano on that sounds like Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata speeded up … , cf … ]

Yes it is based on that.
And i know how he got a second voice on it, but how does he get that vocal effect? if you listen carefully then you can hear that the second voice has an particular effect on it? it sounds…sorta like…“cold”?

The second voice (the overdub) has a longer reverberation time than the first, and has a wide stereo effect.

In a few places (wide) echo has also been applied to fill what would otherwise be long gaps in the vocal,
e.g. 2m10sgood man, good man” , 3m18s on “brother er er er”