LP side two track numbering to follow from side one

Mac Big Sur Audacity 2.4.2

I am copying my record collection to my Mac mini. I copy the first side of my LP record with Audacity and export multiple to a folder, without problems.

the tracks will copy with serial number 01, 02, 03 etc.

Then when I copy and export multiple of the second side of the record Audacity starts the serial number count again from 01 which I then go through the folder files and manually amend to keep the album track sequencing correct.

Is there anyway of getting Audacity to begin serial numbering from a specific inputted value?

Hope this makes sense, thanks and regards Des

The easiest solution is to name one of the exports “album-name Side 1 - ” and the other “album-name Side 2 - ”, then it doesn’t matter that both start numbering from 1.

Cheers Steve from a long time ago.
I want to lump all my record songs under a single record title. Currently I multiple export side 2 then edit each song number by adding the number of songs from side 1. Then when I multiple export side 1, everything is in order. It would be nice if the default settings on multiple export allow you to set the initial song number then subsequently auto numbers off that. regards Des

You CAN join both sides into a single file first. Sometimes I do that so I can normalize and do noise reduction and any EQ, etc., wiht the same settings on the whole album in one-shot.

But, it’s really no big deal to use something like MP3tag to edit the track number metadata. You’ll need a 3rd-party tool anyway if you want to add album art.

With double albums (vinyl or CD) I treat it as one album and number the tracks sequentially.