LP-recording with UFO202 get no stereo signal

Hi, I am new here. I have a Windows 10 Lenovo Laptop with audacity 2.4.2. I try to record my vinyl records over the behringer UFO202 to my laptop. Everything works fine exept the fact that the stereo signal leaves the preamp (UFO202) - I can hear it on headphones - but the recording is done in 2 mono channels. I tried any kind of adjustments (MME, Windows Direct Sound, Windows WASAPI) but no stereo. Jimi Hendrix in mono is just boring, isn’t it?
Anybody knows help?

Both Windows and Audacity have to be set for 2-channel stereo. See the FAQ [u]here[/u].

Thanks for your answer. The error was the driver for the UFO202, it was somewhat old. After the installation of the latest one it now works out fine.