Lowering frequency help, please

Please excuse these novice questions. I’ve been unsuccessful in trying to figure it out on my own.

  1. My favorite singer is Joan Baez. But I can’t listen to many of her songs because she sometimes hits squeaky high notes that make me cringe. Is there a way to set an entire song frequency maximum that will reduce those high notes, but leave everything else untouched? Or do I have to select section by section?

And how do I set that maximum frequency? Is it just by trial and error?

  1. Is there any way to edit out repetitive background music? One of my favorite songs has someone striking a bongo drum over and over in the background. I’d sure like to get rid of that drum!

Thanks for any help you can give me.

(you may not like this response, but …)
You probably need to get some better loudspeakers.
It is extraordinarily difficult to make speakers that do not over accentuate particular frequencies, that’s what you pay the money for. If speakers (or headphones) resonate at a particular frequency, then if the artist hits that particular frequency it will stand out as being really harsh.
To some extent it is possible to compensate for this behaviour, but only with limited success - try playing with the Equalization effect. The real solution is to get a better sound system that plays the music as the artist intended it to be heard.
Much of the music by Joan Baez is expertly recorded and should sound wonderful. If it doesn’t then the problem is likely to be that either you have a bad copy, or the playback system is lacking. Either way, trying to compensate for bad sound is not the best solution.

Similar problem with the drums. If the drummer happens to hit the pitch where your speakers incorrectly accentuate the sound, it will drive you nuts – and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong, you just don’t like listening to some sounds.

Is it possible to listen to some of the music on a CD in your car? Car stereos have different problems, but if your punching note problem goes away, then you know there’s something wrong in the house.

Try it in somebody else’s car, too.

You can drag the song into Windows Media and burn a Music CD from it. I’m on a Mac, so you’ll need to read your instructions.


Turn down the treble.


– Bill

Hey Steve,

Your suggestion to use Equilizer helped a lot!