Lowering drums in a mixed mono track

Hi guys–so, I’ve got a mono recording of a live performance, and the drums are too dominant. Of course there’s no way to remove them completely, but is there any selective filtering I could do to just take the edge off of the kick and snare? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Since nobody is racing to your rescue, I’m going with no. You may have had a very, very slim chance if the recording was in Stereo, but Mono takes all the options off the table.

there’s no way to remove them [drums] completely

But you have to be able to do something like that to apply changes to them and not affect everything else. It’s the same process.

Anything you do with tonal filtering, notches, etc is going to just destroy the other sounds in the band.

Someone else may have other ideas, but response on the forum is usually a lot quicker than this.

How did you get a mono recording? This is from the audience, right? Very few people walk away from an audience recording with a good show. It’s one reason they stopped making you leave your cellphone in a box at the front door.


Multi-band compressor maybe , e.g. http://www.gvst.co.uk/gmulti.htm
Compress high & low frequency bands , leaving the middle alone.

Hey–it was a camcorder recording of a special-event show by my band… during which our Zoom recorder died mid-show. :frowning: I was pretty sure we were hosed on this one, but thank you both for weighing in anyway. I’ll give the compressor a shot. Cheers.

our Zoom recorder died mid-show.

Yes. Much better. A YouTube singer I like started his career singing into a Zoom H2.