Lowering audio before exporting question

How do I lower singing, in a sound file, before I upload it as an Mp3? Singing’s too loud. I’m using Windows 10. And Audacity 2.3.2. Thank you!

You can lower the volume of a file by entering an negative dB value in the Amplify effect.

If you have a complete mix with vocals and instruments and you just want to adjust the vocals, that’s tricky but you can try the Vocal Reduction and Isolation effect. But, these kinds of effects rarely give you “professional” results. I consider these “novelty effects”. And to control the amount of vocal reduction, you may have to isolate the vocals, then adjust the vocal level. Then use the Remove Vocals option, then mix the two files together.

You can also try playing-around with Equalization. The “main vocal range” is around 100-300Hz so you can start by reducing that range, but there are vocal harmonics & overtones covering most of the audio range, and instruments also cover most of the audio range so you’ll just have to experiment to see if you can make an improvement. (I recommend the “Graphic EQ” mode, rather than the “Draw Curves” mode when experimenting.)

In a pro recording studio the levels are adjusted during mixing. After the sounds are mixed together they can’t be un-mixed and you are rather limited to what you can do.