lower pitch, dropouts after crash

I was recording a file when my computer crashed (got a page fault) and since then I have been experiencing an issue. every time I try to overdub a track I get dropouts galore and the pitch is lowered.

I have lots of headroom for CPU, and I already re-prioritized audacity to have a high priority, and I am using my internal C drive (an SSD in fact) for my temp files. what am I doing wrong?

Which version of Audacity?
Which version of Windows?
What equipment are you using?
How do you have it set up?

I am having the same issue with slow replay when overdubbing along with dropouts and lower pitch.
I’m running Audacity 2.3.3 windows 10, using an internal 750G hard drive.

My input is from a Samson G Track Pro. I’ve got Audacity set up at 44100 32bit.

The original recording is using a dual mic setup with small cardio mic run thru a mixer board then into the instrument input of the GTrack Pro and recording a stereo track. The Gtrack Pro USB out is then connected to my computer.
The second track is just using the GTrack mic and making a mono track. I have cold rebooted the windows computer and reinstalled the new version of Audacity.

Thanks for your help

Check the “sample rate” in the Windows Sound settings, in both the “Recording” and “Playback” tabs, and ensure that they are both set to 44100 Hz (44.1 kHz).

Steve, Thanks so much for the help. Getting the sample rates set to the same levels on the PC and Audacity did the trick… I got the latency all set and it sounds wonderful.