Lower case z's

I don’t know if I am doing this right. I am not the most computer savy guy in the world (closer to the least), so sorry if I already sent this out. I don’t see it in the forum which is where it is trying to go.
Subject: Why can’t I use the the lower case z in the song titles when I am labling songs?

IIRC this is because the lower-case z is used as one of the keyboard shortcuts in 1.2.x. I think you can solve this by editing the keyboard shortcuts to remove that one. What I used to do was just use a capital Z temporarliy - nad then edit the filenames and MP3 tags after export.

I now use the Beta 1.3 - and I don’t think this behaviour happens in that version.


BTW - please post in the appropriate section of the forum in future. This is the section for if you don’t like the site colours/structure etc. Apart from anything else you will get a better chance of a reply.