Low Volume with New USB mic

Hi, I just bought a FDUCE USB mic and am using it on my Acer laptop which is running Windows 11 Home.

Windows audio seems to be hearing the mic just fine. However, Audacity records at a very low level even with the recording level set to 99. I have checked the Audio set up and it is set for the new mic. Likewise all of the settings in Windows seem okay.


Which one? Does it have a recording volume knob and is it turned-up?

If it doesn’t have a knob, USB mics are usually calibrated with low sensitivity so you don’t overload the built-in analog-to-digital converter if you stick it in front of a drum or guitar amplifier.

If the quality is OK you run the Amplify effect after recording. You can also try Windows Microphone Boost.

Low digital levels aren’t usually a problem but they can be an indication of a problem.

Some things you can check -
Make sure you’ve selected the USB mic as your recording device. Scratch on the grill with your fingernail to make sure you are recording from the USB mic, and not from the mic built-into your laptop.

If it’s a directional mic, make sure it’s oriented correctly. Most “studio style” mics are “side address” and you have to speak-sing into the front side, not the end or the back side (but that may not be what you have).

Is it a SOLO 160?

As near as I can tell, you speak into the side grill just up from the company name.

That’s a push-button over the microphone symbol with the line through it, right? If you speak, and then push the button while you speak, your voice drops dead, right? That’s the indication you’re recording your microphone.

Never blow into a microphone, but you can speak as loud as you want. Turn the volume control all the way up and start talking. Now get closer and closer and louder while you watch the Audacity bouncing sound meter and blue waves. Note how loud you have to shout for the bouncing meter to turn red and the blue waves to hit top and bottom.

Just quieter than that is normal for this microphone. Other than the Windows Microphone Boost setting, I know of no other way to increase the volume.

Recording your voice? You can use Oblique Positioning (B) to boost your voice with little or no damage.

Home microphones come out of the box low volume. New Users are likely to overload and damage the sound at regular volume and send the microphone back.


Excellent! I’ll give this a shot tomorrow and see how it works. Thanks!