Low Volume when recording from vinyl

I was so happy to find your program and everything was going well in my quest to transfer certain records to MP3 but now I’m having trouble with one thing; the sound level is too low. The blue wave barely moves and I’ve brought the levels up on the top right and on the left but still too low. As a last resort I tried the amplify but that just brings out the internal noise. I saw the other person’s question but that was from video and sites.
Mac 10.10
Any ideas?

We need to know a lot more before we can help you.

  • Audacity version
  • Mac model
  • turntable make and model
  • how you are connecting the turntable to the Mac
  • your settings in System Preferences > Sound > Input
  • your settings in Audacity > Preferences > Devices.

– Bill

Thanks, Bill for getting back to me.
I have:
I Mac Intel Core i5 2.5 Ghz with new Yosemite 10.10
Audacity 2.0.6
Settings Audacity Devices: Built-in input 2 stereo
Turntable Technics Quartz SL q300
Connection: RCA from back of turntable(red and white) to mic plug on back of the Mac
Settings System Preferences: Internal Mic built in (also tried with line-in audio

From what I can see of the specs online I’m guessing that this TT does not have an inbuilt pre-amp, right? If it does you will be able to switch between phono and line output, you would need the Line-level output.

Otherwise you will need a phono pre-amp - these not only amplify to line-level but also apply the required RIAA equalization (otherwise it will soun thin, tinny and lacking in bass). You can fix that in software but that is a bit tricky. Personally I have the ARTcessories DJ-PreII connected to my Edirol USB soundcard. ART also make a combined pre-amp and USB soundcard which is also reckoned to be good:



Beautiful build quality - excellent results :slight_smile:
And no, I don’t work for ART … :sunglasses:


Thanks. That must be the problem. It seems like a rather big investment for something I will use very rarely.
I’ll see if any friends have something like that.

There’s also the Behringer UFO-202.
– Bill

Last question:
Can I go through my Yamaha RX-V461 receiver? Probably a stupid question…

So, do you have a hi-fi rig with a preamp/amp? Given that you have that turntable I’m guessing that may so.

In which case connect the TT to the phono input of the rig and take output from the Tape-out of the rig and feed that to the line-in on your computer


I was typing the last post as you were also typing - so basically yes.

Does the Yam have a line-level output?

From what I can see from somewhat blurry online piccies it seems to have a ton of outputs so it is likely to be so.


Great. Thanks. And yes, the Yamaha has an endless number of plugs etc…

Hooked it up with my old Rotel RX- 850 A receiver which has phono and tape plugs. Plugged it the way you recommended, sound is coming through fine on right channel but pure, excessive noise on left.
I’m almost there…

Last message. I see my last attempt to post didn’t pass.
Your recommendation worked with the Rotel RX-850a receiver but on only one channel. The other one distorts, way too high. I fiddled with your controls but the same.
Sorry again

What outputs of the receiver are you connecting to and with what cable? Make sure the connections are tight.