Low volume recordings

I have just started using Audacity to digitize my old LPs. I have tried to set levels (USB PhonoPlus) to as close to 0db without clipping. Projects have been saved in .wav format.
Songs imported into itunes have a noticeably lower volume than songs imported from other sources (CDs, downloaded songs, etc.). Why is this and what can I do to amplify (without distorting) my recordings so that their volume level is similar to songs already in my itunes library.

I may have found my own answer. Many in the recording industry make their CDs as loud as possible despite resulting distortion (see http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2007/jan/18/pop.music). We have the same goings on in the wine industry. The loudest wine gets the most attention. Usually the loudest wine sucks. I can live with my quiet, undistorted recordings!


what you are alluding to is called compression - and yes there is currently a “lodness” war in the music industry right now - and not at all to the benefit of the music as you rightly point out.

Many recently re-issued recorrdings typicvally labelled “digitally Re-mastered” fall victim to this. TRy listening to a original early CD and the “Digitally Remastered” version and you will see what I mean.

Living with your LPs digitised as they are is good as ideally you want to keep the quiet bits quiet and the loud bits lod - and not mush it all up with compression.

BTW - there is a feature on your iPod - a setting that you can make - which plays your songs at a “standard” level - so you don’t have to keep fiddling with the volume “knob” on the iPod. Basically it scans the whole libarary ane works out which songs need to be made laouder and which softer to achieve an overall level. In the libray Edit/Prefrences and select the Playback tab. Select the “Soundcheck” option - and click “OK”.