low volume, only names appear - no content

  1. Windows 10
  2. Audacity 2.1.2
  3. .exe installer

Using a brand new Dell Inspiron 3168 laptop and a second hand Blue Yeti mic. Audio files did save.

a. Volume plays very low on playing my audacity files (and it is not the laptop because Youtube audio is loud)
b. They Audacity audio files seem to have disappeared. The names of the files appear, but when I click on them nothing appears. When I press play likewise.

At first, they did play, but after clicking on the ‘X’ in the top left to close them, now they won’t reopen. Yet the names appear in recent files. Nothing appears - no file, no audio waves, nothing - just the name of the file.

There is a difference between saving an Audacity project and exporting. Exporting an audio file is the only way to hear the audio in other applications.

You don’t open audio files in Audacity, you import them into an Audacity project.

Clicking X on the track closes the track. It does not save the content. If you save a project with no tracks, there is no audio.

Make sure you are recording loud enough in the first place with the peak of the blue wave at about +0.5 or -0.5.


Thanks for your advice. I am not opening in another software at this stage. this is ALL in Audacity.

  • save Audacity audio file while naming it (shouldn’t matter whether I save it as an audio file, because this is all Audacity)
  • close by clicking top left ‘X’ on audio file
  • File-> recent file
  • see file name
  • ‘error opening project’ [file name] “is already open in another window”

Huh? Same steps on desktop and it would open file and I could play/hear it.

So, I close Audacity and try ti re-open file.

Nope, same ‘open in another window’ even though this time there is no other window.

Perhaps this is a Windows 10 issue requiring drivers? But this is a brand new laptop. Strange!

As I said, clicking top left of the track does not close the project. It removes the track from the project. This makes the project unsaved again (meaning that File > Save Project will be active, rather than greyed out as it was after you saved the project).

The project always contains what you see on the screen. If you save the project with no tracks, it has no audio.

What you want to do if you are finished with the project after saving it is File > Close (with the audio tracks still visible).

If you are careful you can actually save a step. When you want to save and close the project, use File > Close, be sure to say “Yes” to “Save changes?” then type the name of the project. The project will close and you are now in an empty work space to do something else.

If you double-clicked the AUP project file to open Audacity, the project is already open (you can see its name in the title bar top of Audacity). It may not look like a project if you saved it without any audio tracks.