Low sound output

When I try to record with the built in Mic on my laptop, the sound output is extremely low on playback. I have gone through all the settings in the audio properties and set them correctly. Any suggestions how to fix this issue?

We should figure out where the problem actually is. If you have blue waves and bouncing red sound meter about here or higher…


…then you are making a good recording and the problem is playing it back.

If the blue lines are almost flat and the red sound meter is in the left edge of its ranges, then you are making a bad recording. Which do you have? You might want to expand the sound meters much larger as in the illustration. Grab the right edge of the meters and pull to the right. The other tools will get out of your way.

This isn’t as random as it appears. There are tests and meters through the process to help you set things right. It’s possible to make a good live recording in Audacity (and many other programs) by just using the instruments and not hearing anything. That’s not recommended, but it does work.


The blue lines are almost flat even when I speak an inch from the Mic.

Check in the Windows Sound Control Panel and look for a “Mic Boost” setting.

I checked the box next to “1 Microphone Boost” and it only added echo to the recording, no change otherwise.

Does anyone have any other solutions or suggestions to this problem?

You may not be plain, ordinary recording your built-in microphone. If Mic-Boost didn’t help and created other distortion, then you have a windows setting wrong. Do you like to record YouTube or other Music Sites from the internet? Those settings mess up live recording.


You should not be recording from Stereo-Mix or What-U-Hear. Either of those can create the echoes you have.