Low sound and error message

Audacity 2,x downloaded from exe installer onto Windows XP
I downloaded the 2.x version because Windows would not recognise the Futuristix converter after I had used it successfully about 20 times - there was no change. Now I am trying to record audio tapes directly through the PC sound card onto Audacity.
Sound levels are very low - input levels are not noticeable. I have checked volume levels with no effect. When I try to record, I get a error message “Error while opening sound device. Please check device settings and project sample rate”
Any ideas?? brian ross

How are you getting sound into the computer? Is it a laptop?

Edit > Preferences > Quality to 44100, 16-bit (not 32) > OK.
Edit > Preferences > Devices to Stereo > OK.

Try that to help the Sound Device error.


Fixed it! Thanks a lot for your help
brian ross