Low signal noise

Hey all,
I’m finalizing a VHS conversion piece I did this winter, and there’s just a couple more tracks I’d like to clean up.


I’ve already removed the electronic hums as far as I can tell. The situation was recorded with people sitting quite far away from the mics, so I ended up jacking up the whole thing to make the dialog audible. I’ve heard the signal to noise rant a million times but if you’re into it, you can give me it again (I’m learning).

I’ve tried high pass and low pass filters at various spots, and of course the over-precise noise reduction, but that’s the extent of my expertise so far. I have access to Audition and SoundForge as well. Any suggestions?


I’ve already removed the electronic hums as far as I can tell.

How are you listening? That’s the first step. Good quality sound system or “computer speakers?” Good headphones or earbuds? Sound management or repair is entirely audible. If you can’t hear what you’re doing, you may be creating more damage than you started with, or converting the show to different damage.


Seinnheiser HD 280 pro studio headphones
And very fancy studio speakers by Fostex
I don’t think those are the problem