Low recording quality

I use the usual everyday workhorse Win 10 Pro, version 1903, OS build 18362.207, on Surface Pro 1796, 2019.
I have just downloaded, played with, installed and uninstalled, and so on and so forth Audacity 232, as a zip and with the installer, verified the checksum, tried different audio quality, however, its ability to record sound (from the mic) is just horrible or not working. There are many different types of glitches occurring. For example: delays, the recorded sound becomes muffled or slow or very deep, there are strange background noises, or the overall quality is unusually poor, but the main issues that started as soon as I installed it is that the first few seconds are very muffled and distant and the sound is either way behind the moving line or way in front of it. By the moving line I mean the vertical line that tracks the progress of the audio that is being recorded. My Surface Pro so is super clean and super light (very few installed programs, no background apps, no scheduled tasks, and no external hardware of any kind, etc). Just a few months ago I used an earlier version (on this same device) and the recorded sound was superb? Any ideas?
Thank you very much for your time and consideration and keepcodin.

Those are symptoms of Windows audio-enhancements, which should be turned off for High-Fidelity recordings,
see … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxnUjiGgBaI

(“disable all enhancements” in the recording & playback tabs)

Thank you very much Trebor!
I have had the ’ Enhancement ’ tab within my ’ Sound ’ options/settings, as I remember changing it, however, it’s no longer there. Hmm.

Hi again.
Thank you again Trebor.
Like I said in the previous post, the enhancements tab was gone. However, when I went to the Recording tab then selected Microphone Array then right clicked it to try its Properties, I found Enhancements there. After disabling Noise Suppression, which was the only enhancement available there, the muffled sounds and pitch changes are gone.