Low recording levels - Behringer board input


Currently working on Windows 8.1 with a Behringer 1622 mixing board and Behringer c-1 mics coming into the computer through the Line-In. Realtek sound features and a Dell PC. We’re planning to broadcast a radio show online using this set-up. In order to record promos for the upcoming show we’ve downloaded and installed Audacity. The program detects the input audio signal fine, except that the input levels are extremely low and thus playback is almost undetectable in how quiet it is. Can anyone offer some assistance as to why the input levels may be so low?

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coming into the computer through the Line-In

Do you have a real blue Line-In, or are you assuming the pink Mic-In may be a good substitute? Typically, a mixer is going to appear “hot” to Audacity—higher than normal volume no matter which connection you use. It’s unusual for the signal to appear low volume.

Note: Windows machines are not generic, blank-slate computers any more. They assume you are a business and want to do voice communications and conferencing. Sometimes you have to turn all that stuff off (echo cancellation…) before you can use the machine for anything else—such as straight recording.

Another problem. If the last thing you did was record from the internet, you’ll have to reset those settings before you can record live. The settings don’t co-exist.

Did you get the Main Out from the unbalanced connections on the front, or the balanced connections on the rear? That may make a volume difference, but I don’t think it will cause the show to fail. I would use the ones on the front.

My guess would be a “Y” cable like this with the two RCAs adapted to 1/4" for the mixer. You must use unbalanced 1/4" plugs for the front mixer connections—one black band, not two. (attached, scroll down).

Is that what you did?

If you go into the Windows audio settings, do you see the sound meters bouncing when you put sound on the mixer?

Windows itself can have a lot of settings and odd tools before you get to Audacity. As a rule, Audacity doesn’t do anything to the show during record, and it’s something of a slave to whatever Windows is doing.

Is the Audacity recording volume control (microphone symbol) all the way up?

Let’s start there.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 16.19.10.png