Low recording level using Audio Genie

Recently, I discovered, like others, that I was recording in mono. This was because I was using the micro input. Even though it was in mono, the recording level went to -6 on the meter. I bought an Audio Genie which transfered the rca jacks into a usb digital which then plugged into my laptop. I changed some preferences and now everything seems great. Except now the volume of my recordings are much lower (-18) and I can’t figure out how to raise it. Is there something on the preferences that I need to do?


Once the sound becomes a digital bitstream (USB) you’re pretty much stuck with the level. You can certainly bring it up later in Effect > Amplify.

The Audio Device is going to come with a software package to control the unit. The “Scaling Factor” (how loud the sound gets) is controlled by that. If you didn’t get one of those, than the system is fixed around standard HiFi sound levels and it’s up to you to play the sound louder into the Device.

You didn’t tell us where the performance is coming from.

Where is the performance coming from?


Sorry, I am using an amplified turntable. Audio-Technica AT PL-50 and I am using Windows

Koz, I just tried the amplication effect and I am very satisfied with the result. Thank you for your help.