Low recording level in iTunes [SOLVED]


I have noticed when exporting .aiff files direct to iTunes the audio level is significally lower than song material bought from iTunes as well as copied CD’s. Is there a method to higher the signal level off the .aiff files so they match the other song material? it’s a bit unconvenient to change the volume up or down depending which material is played. The .aiff files are converted to apple lossless files but are the same. The .aiff files are normalized to -1dB before exporting to iTunes.

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You can try iTunes Sound Check. Sound Check seems to change frequently in exactly what it does.

If you want your Audacity exported files to sound like “loudness war” CDs or downloads, you will probably have to compress or limit them.

If you want to play your songs in iTunes you won’t be able to try alternatives such as ReplayGain, but ReplayGain might well give better results. If you come across the standalone aacgain application, it does not support Apple Lossless.


Activating iTunes Sound Check worked fine! Thanks for the tip!