Low output gain

I use Ver. 2.0.3
I have a Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB. The computer is a Dell XPS 8500 Core i7-3770 processor 3.4Ghz 16GB DDR3 at 1600Mhz…2TB 7200RPM Sata Hard Drive Windows 8 64 bit…Graphics 1GB Nvidia Geforce GT Graphics. The Monitor is a Visio Television 37 Inch 120hz dolby . I am using 33RPM records. When recording I cannot acquire enough gain on the on the Audacity DB meters. I recorded a few cd’s and when played back the volume is very low. I use the USB cable which connects directly to the computer. Do I need a pre-amplifier and what type/model. This only for home use.

Is there a volume control anywhere on the turntable? This is a high-end turntable and I would expect some control of the operation. Did you get a support software package with it – can you control it over the USB port?

One of the problems with USB capture devices like turntables and microphones is overload. You can’t. Overload produces permanent sound damage, and the only way to globally avoid it (given you don’t have a sound engineer or mixer) is to make the sound volume low. It’s a very common complaint.

What do the blue waves look like? The illustration is for a normal live sound recording.


You can make the meters bigger by clicking and dragging the right-hand edge.

You can mess with loudness in post production without a lot of trouble. Effect > Amplify > OK.

You should also know that modern CD recordings are frequently punched up by compressing the show to be louder than “normal.” This is the loudness wars thing, and you may never make the volumes match up without causing other problems.


Low output gain
Thanks for the reply…

  1. There is no volume control on the turntable.
  2. The only software received was the disc when purchased.
  3. The standard waveform does show the peaks and valleys but not enough to cover the area. When switching to Waveform (db) I receive a larger or bulkier waveform.
  4. Making the meters bigger does not change the amplitude.
  5. In the EFFECT area using the Amplify has no effect.
  6. The recordings are old dating back to the days of Glen Miller etc.

Is the a pre-amp that I can use and do you have a make and model.

I have this one and it works very well.

Art Pro Audio makes a very highly respected one, but I can’t find it.


The link I have for it doesn’t work any more.

You’ll be needing the RCA cables from the turntable and that thin black ground wire. If the turntable has a switch to turn the RIAA on and off, leave it off.

The USB connection always has RIAA correction.


You also need to deal with getting an analog signal into your computer. The Art, I think, has a USB connection, but the other preamp needs a stereo Line-In or something like a Behringer UCA202. A Windows laptop Mic-In won’t do it.