Low/no audio on mp3 after e mailed

Hi. I am using windows 10 and audacity 2.1.2!. Audacity was installed from website. Also using GXL2200 CAD Mic and Icicle pre-amp.

I am recording voice over content. Once recorded and “exported” I forward to agent via e-mail. I test sound before I send and everything sounds good. However, once received on other end, the sound is low or inaudible. I’ve checked on-line sources to try and correct and have installed mp3 program from web to enhance sound. Recorded and sent to myself and opened on my Ipad tablet instead of desktop. Sound is verrrry low even when I increase level. This is my first experience self-recording, so I’m not certain what to do to correct. Can someone help? Thanks.

Somehow, you produced a stereo show with either Left or Right sound reversed.

Shows with this error sort of sound OK in stereo, so they’re good to go in headphones or on a stereo system like most laptop speakers, but the instant you try to listen in mono or from a single speaker, the Left and Right sound cancel. The show seems to vanish for No Known Reason.

You can inspect this by Zooming into the stereo blue waves and see if they’re going generally the same direction.
Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 1.40.42 PM.png
If they’re not, you can reverse one of them and “fix it.”

Drop-down menu on the left of the track > Split Stereo Tracks.
Select one of them by clicking just above MUTE.
Effect > Invert.
Drop-down menus > Make Stereo Track.


The question becomes how you got that error.

As we go.


Correct me anywhere in there. Generally, voice work is mono. not stereo. so you can save a lot of transmission time and drive space by doing everything with one blue wave instead of two. If your presentation has stereo music or other production, then you won’t be able to do that.


Nope. The microphone and Icicle pre-amp should have produced a delightful mono (one blue wave) presentation.

So chances are good “you did something” to cause this.


Sending an audio file over the internet (as a email attachment) isn’t going to make it quieter.
If the file was being corrupted during transmission the outcome would either be unplayable, or have patches of damage, rather than just consistently quiet.

Did you try sending a copy to yourself and listening to it on the same [desktop] computer you made it on ?.
[ i.e. It may be that the audio-power-output of the tablet is lower than that of the desktop computer you created recording on, so every audio file, not just home-made ones, sounds quieter on the tablet than the desktop computer].

So who’s right? We’re on the edges of our seats.


First, thanks to everyone who responded with helpful suggestions on how to get the correct sound level once I’ve recorded an mp3 and e-mailed it to another system. Second, I sent the file to myself on my Ipad tablet not the system on which I recorded (my desktop). The sound was awful. I’ve been practicing using different levels in mono but the result is still the same; very low, almost inaudible sound. When I adjust the gain on my Icicle pre-amp, before recording, the pitch is so loud it reverbs. At a loss to understand what the problem is. It was suggested to me to have someone “set the levels.” I assume they mean the sound levels, which I’ve done. Frustration abounds!! To reiterate, am using Audacity 2.1.2, GXL2200 CAD mic and Icicle pre-amp.

There is free service called SoundCloud, it’s like YouTube but for sound not video.
You could upload your sound there and send a link to the SoundCloud in the email , rather than attaching the sound-file to the email ,
( to avoid emailing damaging the audio file, IF that’s the cause of the problem).
e.g. https://soundcloud.com/noodlemx/25-free-podcasting-tools-as-good-as-their-free-alternatives?in=noodlemx/sets/the-audacity-to-podcast#t=0:30

[ SoundCloud tracks can be private : only the people you give a link to can hear them ]

Check “Software playthrough” in Audacity preferences is unchecked.

Also switch off any echo cancellation if your computer-soundcard has it.