Low-level hiss on recording audio from the internet

In recording CD-quality audio (music) from the internet, what records is very quiet. To make the recording sound more like playing a CD on my PC, I will “normalize” the recording. Then on playback, I hear a low-level but noticeable (and slightly irritating) hiss - like I was instead playing one of those old cassette tapes. Is there a way of “not recording” a hiss at all so what I record sounds exactly like what I was listening in recording from the internet? Or, is there a way to “delete” that hiss over the entire recording without affecting the normalized quality of the recording itself? Are there settings to eliminate the hiss before/as I record? Am I limited because I have a fairly basic RealTek ALC3601 integrated sound card? Yes, so many questions. I just downloaded the latest version of Audacity yesterday. Thank you!

How are you doing that? What settings are you using to record the sound from the Internet?