Low Buzzing when recording and others

Hi People,

I am a newbie and I am really sorry if i frustrate you with this post

I have got a samson CO1U condensed mic beats audio studio headphones a pavilion g6 laptop some funky instrumentals and brain full of lyrics that are bursting to come out

Now i know there are alot more creative people on here with some amazing home studios but all i want is vocals

when I record i hear a low buzzing/humming sound without even doing anything and its very annoying and i need to get rid of it has anyone got any tips on this please it is seriously annoying me but im not giving up because i really want to record

on another note when i listen back aside the buzzing my voice sounds pretty rubbish its flat dull and not alot of spice how can i give it a good recording edge please?

thanks for taking your time to read this help is hard to come by these days cheers guys n gals! BTW im in the UK and i have tried this in a room with no electrical appliances

Buzz and hum on a USB microphone is pretty unusual, but not entirely out of the question. This microphone gets its power from the USB connection and if there’s anything wrong with that, it can cause the sound to be bad. Change the USB connection if you have more than one and make sure the connection is seated firmly. See if it still buzzes in a different room.

If possible, try a different computer.

You can get distorted audio by sending the microphone through a USB hub. Microphones take home runs only. No hubs.

Sometimes a wall power supply can cause problems. Run the laptop on internal batteries and see if that helps.

my voice sounds pretty rubbish its flat dull and not alot of spice

As does mine. We get a lot of requests from people who want us to make them sound like Famous Singer or Famous Announcer. We can’t give you interpretation, emphasis and feeling. There is AutoTune which can keep you on pitch and bad echo which can make you sound like you recorded in your uncarpeted bathroom, but past that, we got nothing

A friend of mine is breaking out as a jazz singer (at 74). He said in interviews that earlier in his career he spent his time just singing the words. That was OK. Now he has a conversation with the audience and it’s stunning listening to him sing.

Another example is a guy who if you listen to him talk sounds like he could strip varnish from wood with his voice. Someone asked him to sing and I thought they were crazy. Turns out he knew how to make the best of his voice. He and a piano could hold a room for hours.

Most people are horrified the first time they hear their voice back to them in a good sound system. Yes, that’s really what you sound like to us. Play singers that you like and then play you and try to pick out the differences. Keep changing your character until it gets better and better. Find one that most closely fits you. Singing is hearing.

Sorry. No filter for that.

By the way this is the exact place that the non-hardware overdubbing solutions fall apart.


If you don’t use one of the tested hardware solutions (or ones that work as they do), then you can’t hear your own voice properly in the performance mix. Some people can’t sing without that.