Low attack problem while recording

So i tried to record a keyboard piano today, it is all working great. But when i playback the recording the attack on the individual note is low (not punchy), it almost sounds like a fade in. But if i do an arpeggio or repeated notes or tight notes the attack is fine.

Here are my setups
Keyboard : casio ctk 6250
Laptop : acer e5-476g
Soundcard : v8 soundcard

Make sure Windows “Enhancements” are turned OFF.

Hi, thank you for the feedback. I turned all enhancement off but it seems to be the same. Still has that “fade in” kind of sound

There can be two layers of audio enhancements:
The ones accessible via Windows sound panel,
and a second layer, sometimes called MaxxAudio.

Thank you, but there is no maxxaudio software/program on my computer

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