Loudness, perceived 'volume'

Hi, I wonder how to increase the loudness or ‘volume’ of a particular piece of music. ‘Amplify’ sometimes works, but in this case it seems they have used a compressor at recording and Amplify is obviously not applicable.
Yet, the song is noticeably lower sounding than most I have. What to do here?
Thank you.

Microsoft Windows Version 21H2 (OS Build 19044.1766)

Program build date:
Dec 22 2021
Commit Id:
ff6d67 of Wed Dec 22 16:35:36 2021 +0100
Build type:
CMake Release build (debug level 1), 64 bits
MSVC 19.29.30138.00

Possibly Windows audio-enhancement is adjusting the volume on your computer,
aka “Loudness equalization”.
You should turn off all audio-enhancements, (Windows and any others) … https://youtu.be/eXGyAzk3fd4?t=50

Since most commercial recordings (including many quiet-sounding recordings) are already normalized with 0dB peaks, loudness matching (ReplayGain, etc.) uses a target volume that mostly makes loud sounding songs quieter rather than boosting quiet songs.

Quieter songs may also be boosted when necessary, and if it’s possible without clipping.