Louder click track

I think I can make the clikc track louder in the text file. Can you explain what to change?

Sorry I don’t think that I understand your question.
The click track can’t get much louder because it is already very loud. You can make it a bit louder by applying the Amplify effect to the track.

Do you mean, by editing the clicktrack.ny file?

If so, open clicktrack.ny in a text editor. Turn wordwrap off.

Change the “amp” values in line 225. For example, if you change line 225 to this

   (setq amp (if (= accent 1) 1.0 0.8))

then the main clicks will be as loud as possible (1.0) and the subsidiary clicks will be 80% of possible loudest volume (0.8).


This is correct… thanks for help.