Loudeness normalization not applyng

Im tryng to use loudeness normalization on a track but when i press apply it stops and does nothing.
Audacity does not crash or anything but the effect does not apply at.
Is not eaven a case where the change is so small i cant see the difference or something cause i can’t eaven reverse the change couse there is no change at all.
I have noticed that i can succed on applyng the affect on small portion selecting at the start or at the end of the track but not on the middle.
Any clue?

If the selected audio has -X loudness, and you apply loudness normalization at value -X, then there will be no change.

e.g. applying loudness normalization at value -X repeatedly can only change the waveform the on the first instance.
Further applications at value -X will not change the waveform.

Yes i undestand that but if i select lets say the forst 5 minutes of the track and try to apply te effect it apllyes notmally.
The probleme is on the whole track where it litterlay does nothing.
I can eaven undu the effect by using ctrl-z couse the effect is not applyed.
Is like it stops applyng at 15% and crashes or something.

Hmmm… It’s working for me, even if I zoom-in and select one sample. And I tried a 2-hour concert, and a couple of minutes in the middle of the concert…

Did you try a “big obvious change” like -40dB or 0dB?

Note that loudness perception takes some time for the brain to register. One or a few boosted samples won’t “sound loud”. …I was just checking to see if there is a limit.

Yup i have tryed “drastic” changes but the problem is the same.
Is not like is doing something so small is not noticeble.
Is actualy doing nothing at all, can eaven do crtl-z on the effect couse is not there

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