Loud Sounds When the Record Button is Selected

I am running 2.3.1 on Windows 7. I bought a cassette converter to get things off of tape to the digital format. However, what I am about to talk about happens without the cassette player being connected.

When I hit the record button, and it begins to record, I get a sound that is equivalent to microphone feedback. I have tried every combination of driver and sound card selection there is and it doesn’t change anything. I turned the microphone icon down very low and it’s still there. I used to use Audacity a lot but for a different purpose. It works flawlessly on my desktop but on my notebook, it’s a nightmare. Weird because I’ve always used it on the Notebook. It’s just been a year or so since I last did anything. Because of its mobility, I need to be able to use it on my notebook. Any ideas?

I assume that is a USB device?
Ensure that the USB device is selected as the recording input in the device toolbar.