Loud noise when recording computer playback [SOLVED]

Hi Everybody…This is my first post, just joined…i’m having trouble with very loud noise while trying to record my favourite music from Y Tube in Audacity…I’ve set my Record to WASAPI, as i don’t have Sound Mixer on my windows 10…my Microphone record button is set to Speakers 2 Loopback…My playback set to speakers 2 …Is there some other Settings i need to adjust ? as the noise when i try to record is head breaking.
any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

Try turning off “Software Platthrough” in the Transport menu


Hi There Waxcylinder…Yep! that has done the trick, The noise has gone…Thanks My Friend, That’s Good info :slight_smile:

Amazing. I have been trying everything I can think of for DAYS, actually weeks (on and off)
I followed your tip as the last straw, before my next step - to open the computer for a look.

BTW in Ver. 3.4.2 the options in Transport are different
Many Thanks