Loud hum

Win 7, Audacity 2.0.3.exe installer. I have tried adjusting all the levels in Win & tried a different usb cable. I’m using an inexpensive(cheap?) tape player. I can’t get rid of a constant hum, which gets worse at higher volume. I have quite a few cassettes I’d like to convert to mp3. Please help. Thanks.

You must expect some hum with cheap USB products that probably cost a few dollars to make.

If the hum is because you have Transport > Software Playthrough enabled in Audacity so you can hear what you are recording, try doing without it. Press Record first in Audacity, then start the tape playing. After recording, select and delete the surplus at the start of the recording.

You may still get a little hum in the recording itself but if you recorded up to about -6 dB on Audacity’s red recording meter (so got a decent recording level), the hum shouldn’t be too bad. You can try Effect > Noise Removal to remove the hum after recording.