Loud Hissing with Loud Sounds?

Hey guys, I have lots of audio that was ripped from my video (to edit the audio) from an Easter celebration that happened about a week ago. I can’t re-record so I kind of have to work with what I have. When I had very loud sounds being recorded (recorded with rode microphone) I got huge static.

Does anyone know a fix? I attached a small clip that has many examples of what I am talking about.

Thanks in advance!

:frowning: There’s not much you can do about that… It’s badly [u]clipped[/u]. (The room acoustics are poor too.)

Any filtering or anything you do is probably going to be just as bad (or worse) then the distortion. You can try using the Equalization effect to reduce high frequencies above maybe 4000 Hz or so. That will remove some of the “harshness” but it will also reduce “clarity”.

I was afraid you were going to say that…

Any tips on how I could make the audio better next time? I was recording in a small church building