Loud, high-pitched tone at Audacity startup

Launched Audacity and immediately there was a 100% volume high pitched tone. Lowering/muting the system volume made no difference, the sound persisted. The only way to stop the sound was to physically pull out the speaker cable going into the audio out port on the back of my PC. When I plugged it back in again, the sound was gone.

This has only happened a couple of times now and may not be Audacity’s fault, but does anyone have any idea what might have caused this?

When Audacity first starts, it does a scan of all of your audio devices, so it know which devices are available to record and playback on.

Transport > Rescan Audio Devices does the same thing.

Try turning-off Software Playthrough. With certain recording settings that can create a feedback loop.

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Thanks but that setting was already off.

I feel this could be potentially dangerous/serious as the noise was incredibly loud.

I don’t recall anyone else ever reporting this. Let me suggest reporting this directly to the developers at Issues · audacity/audacity · GitHub.

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Thanks. Done this:

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