Loud Beep at regular intervals

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum only recently having installed v2.0.2 on my Windows XP powered computer. My problem is this, as soon as I open the programme, every 32/33 seconds there is a loud beep. This occurs at all times, whether I am recording or playing back music.
Also, I have an iTT USB Turntable attached to the computer and wish to transfer my vinyl record collection to CD. I can only hear music with the programme open. If I close Audacity there is no sound. The sound recording Default Device is ‘Audio Device on USB Bus’ and the sound playback default device is set to ‘SB Audigy 2 Audio’
Any assistance in resolving these two queries would be very much appreciated

Do you have any shareware or demo plug-ins or other audio applications that may be causing the beeps?

Thanks for your quick response Steve. No, I don’t have any other programmes open at all or any software of the type listed installed on my computer

As a test:

Open Audacity,
Go to “Edit > Preferences > Effects”
Disable all types of effects.
Close Audacity.
Reboot the computer.

Does the problem still occur?

It’s feedback. We had one Win7 machine do that. If you listen carefully, there is a low disturbance sounding all the time in the show, but it’s usually low enough to ignore. Every so often, it goes regenerative and produces a full-volume beep which then settles down into background trash again. We reset all the Windows mixer controls (down) and got rid of Stereo-Mix and the problem went away.


Hi Gentlemen, Have now done all you both suggested, disabled all types of effects and also the Windows Mixer Controls etc. No difference, the beep is still there. Tried disabling virus software etc., to no avail

I presume that you have checked that the sound really is coming out through your headphones and it’s not something else such as mechanical noise or an alarm clock in the house next door :confused: